The Baltic Sea

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Schleswig-Holstein’s Baltic Sea coast from Glücksburg to Travemünde is more diverse than ever: new promenades fit harmoniously into the landscape and combine carefree beach life and a variety of opportunities to do some shopping or just relax. Tourist offers have been greatly expanded! Even the natural paradise of Holsteinische Schweiz has a lot to offer with its lakes, magnificent palaces, parks and large estates – ideal for active recreation, paddling, cycling and hiking, as well as going on a cultural excursion.

The coast extends more than 384 km from the Flensburg fjord to Bay of Kiel and the Fehmarn Belt to the Bay of Lübeck. Sandy beaches alternate between gently sloping beaches and cliffs.

Sports enthusiasts will find their paradise in the OstseeFerienLand and on the Flensburg fjord, nature lovers will find peace on the Schlei, the Baltic Sea fjord. Cyclists can explore the region along the Baltic Sea coast cycle route, for example via the Probstei on the Kiel Fjord. True adventurers visit the Viking settlement of Haithabu, where the Norsemen once traded or simply admire the cruise ships along the Kiel Fjord in Strande, Laboe and Schoenberg while enjoying freshly caught fish from the numerous ports.
No matter where you go on holiday on Schleswig-Holstein’s Baltic Sea coast, you will discover everywhere that this scenery is simply breathtaking!

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